Before you apply for a Brand Assessment Call, check out what our clients have to say...

Russ Ruffino - Founder, Clients On Demand

(CAUTIONARY TALE: What happens when you don't hire experts)

Russ Ruffino is known as one of the most successful marketing experts in the world today.

Russ hired the team at 3RDEYE to overhaul and uplevel his company's brand - and position Clients on Demand as a market leader.

Our team is also working on offline branding projects with COD and other business initiatives.

Mike Basevic - Founder, No Limits Nation

(CAUTIONARY TALE: Trying to do it all yourself)

Mike runs one of the world's leading Executive Performance Programs.

Mike struggled to find the right partners to take his business to the next level...until he found 3RDEYE.

Mike hired the 3RDEYE team to completely overhaul his Membership Area, create automation, and help with his sales funnels to increase conversations and sales.

Ty Guiliano - Founder, Selling Made Social

(CAUTIONARY TALE: Being penny wise, but pound foolish)

Ty is one of the world's leading experts in teaching business owners how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and sales.

Ty was stuck doing all the tedious technology and automation tasks on his own - and it was costing him time and money.

Ty hired the 3RDEYE team to tighten up his automation process and his sales follow up sequences - which resulted in more time saved and more money added to his bottom line.

Lydia Knight - Life With Lydia

(CAUTIONARY TALE: Trying to do it all yourself, or hiring amateurs)

Lydia Knight is known as one of the world's leading experts in helping people end eating disorders.

At first Lydia tried to build her Membership Area and automation herself...but unfortunately it didn't work out to well.  She then hired another company to help, and that turned into a total nightmare.

Lydia then reached out to 3RDEYE to create a world-class Membership Site and backend automation package that is saving her tons on time and money.

Ellie Krieger - Food Network Star

Ellie Krieger is a Food Network Star, New York Times Best Selling Author, and James Beard Award winner.

3RDEYE has been working with Ellie for over 15 years on her various branding and business initiatives - helping her expand her reach through social media and scale her revenue.

Aaron McCargo - Food Network Star

Aaron McCargo is a Food Network Star and Chef that has multiple cookbooks and business projects.

Our team has been working with Aaron for over 15 years on his various branding and business projects, including the launch of the new restaurant concept as well as a nationally recognized spice line

Yogi Cameron - Wellness Expert, Celebrity

Yogi Cameron left a very successful career as the world's first male super model to pursue a Yogic path, and is now known as the "Yogi to the Stars".  Cameron has worked with people like Ellen Degeneres and Google founder Sergey Brin.  

3RDEYE has worked with Yogi Cameron on multiple business and branding projects.